Income Tax Service – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Does the word “taxes” make you deliriously happy? Do you break out the champagne and chocolates when the tax filing deadline is approaching? Do you enjoy filling out forms, searching for tax receipts, or listening to your accountant drone on about complicated tax laws you don’t understand? And, at the end of all this, do you jump for joy when you get a bill from your accountant for more than $100, just for a basic income tax service?

If you’re like most people, the phrase “tax season” conjures up the same feelings as going to the dentist for a root canal surgery. It’s not a pleasant time, especially if you have a tax accountant who makes it more difficult than it has to be, and charges you an outrageous fee for his or her income tax service.

We understand why you hate the whole subject of taxation.

Like it or not, you have to file your income tax return every year. You can do all the work of figuring out your taxes by yourself, but many people just hate to do that because:

  • It takes forever. For average people, doing taxes is a tedious process filled with lots of number crunching, and it takes up huge chunks of their time. They would rather spend that time with their families, or, to be honest, watching paint dry. Anything but doing taxes!

  • It’s complicated. Since Canada’s tax rules keep changing every year, it takes an expert to keep up with all the changes.

  • It’s easy to screw up. Everybody knows that a small omission or mistake on your tax return can cost you thousands of dollars and even lead to an tax audit. How’s that for a recipe for anxiety? It’s enough to make you break out in a sweat while you’re doing your taxes!

What’s the solution? Well, some people hire an accountant or income tax service, but that doesn’t always work because:

  • Some tax accountants keep you in the dark. You want advice, answers, and explanations, but some tax accountants act like they’re too busy for that. They spend the bare minimum of time with you — too bad if you want some tips on how to reduce your tax bill next year!

  • Some tax accountants overcharge you. It shouldn’t take long for an experienced tax accountant to do a basic tax return. Remember, these people are supposed to be experts in this field. However, the fee for even a basic income tax service at many accounting firms will make you reach for your heart pills. That’s why many clients feel ripped off when they go to a tax accountant.

  • Some accountants are hard to get in touch with after tax season. Tax questions don’t go away, but sometimes tax accountants do. Many income tax services close after tax season, so clients are out of luck if they need follow-up tax services during the months when their accountants are not working.

We’re different, however.

We’re not the run of the mill income tax service. At McCarthy Tax Services, we put the client first.

We are here for you — we stay open all year round. We will listen to your concerns, talk with you like a friend, and provide tax advice to maximize your tax refund.

We get the job done right, with a minimum of paperwork. Just like you, we don’t like paperwork. To be effective, neat, and clean, we digitize our works. We will e-file your tax return, get your tax slips online, and give you digital copies if you prefer.

We have helped thousands of people file their tax returns and fix their tax problems. We can help you too

Do you like to make an appointment, sit down with your tax preparer, and work through the process together? Do you prefer to drop off your papers and pick it up when complete? At McCarthy Tax we do your tax's your way.