Tax Preparation by Qualified and Experienced Tax Professionals Without Going Into an Office

This Tax Season get Professionally Prepared Taxes the Easy Way.

There's little doubt that many people find that filing their taxes online is much more convenient than using more traditional, office-based tax prep services. However, preparing one's own taxes through an online service can be both time consuming and risky. McCarthy Tax Services, based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, is offering the combined ease of online tax prep with the assurances offered by having a certified accountant prepare taxes to make sure clients get the best refund possible.

The company offers tax prep for individuals and businesses alike, and we offer a flat fee for people with an income under $12,000. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and audit and document request support.

  • Tax Professional prepare taxes submitted online

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Faster and easier than traditional online tax prep

With McCarthy Tax Services, customers' taxes are prepared by a qualified tax professional, ensuring accuracy and a return free of CRA 'red flags' that may result in audits. They also offer audit assistance, helping navigate the audit process should the CRA pursue one. Customers never need to leave their couch, sending documents via an encrypted connection so that information is secure. They can even simply snap a picture of the documents on their phone, so no 'office' equipment is required. Once all documents are received, McCarthy Tax typically completes returns within 48 hours.

McCarthy Tax Services online tax prep service is new in 2020. Their model turns standard online tax prep on its head, offering their customers the services of a professional with even less work than traditional online tax prep services. Tax preparation by tax professionals without going into an office. Let McCarthy Tax Services handle the complex work for you!

For questions, contact:

Barb Stuckey

McCarthy Tax Services

306-782-2221 or 306-782-3068

Ready to Get Started Virtually?

First of all, We will need your permission to work for you through email. If you have the capability to print documents and fill them out, scan them and email them back, you may use the link for the e-signature permission form that follows. If you do not have the above capabilities, all is not lost. We can email you the form to electronically sign. No extra software or ap required - You can sign the documents on your cell phone or computer.

McCarthy Tax Services E Signature Authorization. Send to email:

Have face to face meetings with your preparer - Virtually - Using your computer or cell phone - NO aps or software required.