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For filing Personal Tax Return (T1 Return), There are many online tax software's to help you file your tax return. While these programs are capable of guiding you through each line and calculating the numbers, they cannot help you determine the best strategy to maximize your refunds and lower your taxes. Why not use our tax knowledge and expertise to maximize your refund or minimize your tax payment . As tax professionals, we ask questions and gain more clarity than an online software program. There are many credits in a family situation and deductions such as income splitting, home office, investment losses, and employment expense. To assess and claim the credits and deductions you need the help of a professional with deep knowledge and understanding of your tax issues.

We have been a trusted tax service provider in Yorkton for 13 years, beginning as Liberty Tax, and eventually becoming McCarthy Tax Services. Our name has changed - We have changed owners, but our reputation for quality, customer service, and reasonable prices continue to win us the greatest compliments from our clients with their loyalty and referrals. Constantly changing tax laws combined with specific needs of every individual create a pretty complex tax situation that needs a professionals advice. You always need professional guidance and counselling to determine your legitimate deductions, as many deductions come with restrictions and stipulations. As a tax consultant for many years, I have noticed that people who file their tax return online or without a tax professional have missed many legitimate expenses which they are entitled to, and have lost refund, or paid more taxes.