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Are you running a small business? If so, you don’t need to tell us how busy you are. Whether you are a self-employed contractor, a sole proprietor, or a corporation director, there are always too many jobs to do and too little time to do them.

Business taxes are one of those jobs, maybe the one you like the least.

We understand. We work with many business owners, and almost all of them tell us they hate taxation. Don’t get us wrong – they don’t hate paying their fair share of taxes. What they hate is the tedious procedures, the endless paperwork, and the jargon used by their tax accountants. They come to us and ask whether there is a simpler way to handle their business taxes.

Yes, there is.

Your business tax can be done fast, easily and cost-effectively.

Here is an example.

David runs a successful heavy truck service business, and he is very proud of how far he’s come in the last ten years. He started out doing mobile work, with one service truck, and by sheer hard work, dependability, and trustworthiness, he has built a business that includes his own large shop and employs several workers. He’s a respected small business owner in Saskatchewan. People love his happy, upbeat personality and his habit of telling jokes.

But there’s one thing David can’t joke about, and that’s his business taxes. He’s missed several tax filing deadlines, and he’s so far behind it’s starting to keep him up at night. He is afraid he’s going to receive a huge tax bill, which he’ll be unable to pay. He even lies in bed imagining tax officials breaking down his door and arresting him for back taxes, with TV trucks parked outside his house to record the whole incident for the evening news. The anxiety is starting to affect his personality, and he’s stopped telling jokes.

David got into this mess because he hated dealing with his tax accountant. The man had no sense of humor, and conversations with him were as much fun as a head cold. The accountant wasn’t good about returning phone calls, and when he did it didn’t help matters — his long-winded explanations almost put David to sleep. It was such a headache to deal with the tax accountant that he just avoided the whole subject of taxes.

Luckily, David was referred to us by a friend, who told him we do things differently.

First, we talked to him like he was a friend, not a tax delinquent. We understand how a person can get overwhelmed by paperwork and feel anxious about it. We used clear, jargon-free language to explain how the tax system works, and then walked him through simple steps to solve his problem. We brought him up to date with the various tax filing requirements. Then, we mapped out a program for the future, so that he could stay up to date with his taxes and be free from anxiety.

An added bonus is that for the first time in years, David had a clear financial picture of the health of his business.

We helped David, and we can help you too.